Description of the tavern

The tavern offers traditional dishes some of which are of our own production. Some of the foods that we recommend you to try it: cheese pies with milk of our production chortopitakia weed, feta cheese, yogurt and meat such as lamb, chicken and rabbit. We also have our own olive oil, wine and raki.

The view from the restaurant

The view from the restaurant

Apart from the wonderful flavors of fresh foods, will offer you can enjoy the incredible view. The tavern overlooks the highest mountain of 2456 m height Psiloritis. It also overlooks the archaeological museum of ancient Elefterna. The museum of ancient Elefterna is only 200 meters from the tavern that you can visit before or after your meal. The museum is located in an area of 13 acres (including the surrounding area). The net area of the museum is about 1,800 sq.m. Finally from the site of the tavern you can see about 10 villages in the surrounding area as the village of Panormo and Kouloukonas.

The farm and our vegetable garden

Next to the restaurant you will see our own small farm which both younger and older visitors will. You will have the opportunity to see our lambs, chickens and rabbits. You will also see the olives trees which give olive oil and edible olives, the vineyard where the wine the Cretan Raki, but also table grapes comes out. Finally, the salad concerning tasted by customer will see the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, etc.