A few words about our village .

Our village is worth a visit due to its archaeological importance as there is a remarkable archaeological site. Also in Eleutherna has been created the new archaeological museum of the county which is just 200m. from the tavern.

Eleutherna was one of 100 cities in Crete located with far the original name Satra with variations such as Satyr, then renamed Apollonia. The final name was the epithet of the goddess Demeter (Free-Eleftherina-Eleuthous),

Located east of Arkadi close to the foothills of Psiloriti but also a stone's throw from the beach and Rethymnon. It offers visitors a pleasant route with rich natural beauty of the hiking trails of E4, and the tour of the archaeological sites-museum

The city has the culture that comes out slowly but surely with the latter finding the goddess bee where the excavation ranks 10th in the world with notable professors, Nikos Stampolidis, Athanasios Kalpaksis and Petros Themelis can give unforgettable moments spent in Eleutherna.

Around the area of the village go to the Historical Monastery of Arkadi just 6 miles from Eleutherna. 9 km to the west you can see the art of pottery in Daisies. Also you can visit the cave of Melidoniou, churches and monasteries of the region.